Wedding cake designs have undergone a transformation over time. There were limited cake designs in the past, and most cakes had one similar design. Maybe creativity levels and innovations in the confectionery sector were not advanced yet. There was little to look forward to in weddings, and the cake designs were monotonous. Nowadays, this trend has changed tremendously, and there is a lot of creativity involved in making wedding cakes. The cakes are amazing, and clients can give their input on how the cake should be made to suit their wedding ceremony. Cake preparation process involves art which aims at creating beauty and complimenting the theme of the event. It leaves wedding attendants dazed and mesmerized as it is usually the core of attraction and a significant symbol during celebrations.   

One of the most amazing designs is the monochrome design. This design is perfect for affluence and elegance. The cake has a white bottom with a black lacing for icing. Apart from the monochrome, angular design is also an amazing cake design. As the name suggests, it is angular in shape with hexagon and square patterns to give it a modern touch. See a sample of a horse & carriage on a cake..... 

There is also the wonderful design which comes in bright colors. Colors work miracles in setting moods especially in weddings where people should be joyous. The colors for this cake may include red, pink, velvet and aqua bright. Customization is also very possible in making cakes, therefore, for a couple who want something specific in their wedding cake can present it for personalization. Such cake can have on their topper a couple's sculpture, photo or poems.  In the list of amazing cakes, we cannot forget about the cupcake. Some people also call it the whimsical and hip. This cake is amazing because it is suitable for various events and it is less expensive thus many people can meet its cost. It is also very sumptuous. For more information, you may also check 


Truly, these cakes are amazing, and many people would want to have them in their special events, but the setback would be the cost of having the projection mapped cake prepared by a professional. Some of the cakes are very expensive because they involve a lot of ingredients and skills to prepare. You should not give up, but you can seek alternative ways of having an amazing cake. You can opt to make your cake using tips from the internet or relatives and friends who had once prepared the cakes can offer some help. A cheaper option is to go for a trainee who wants to make a cake and display it in his or her professional profile. Such trainees are very affordable, and they can do a fantastic job for you.